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armin Golf Watch Review


You must have already heard the name of the Garmin Golf GPS Watch. In general, math is not that fun- it’s so hard to understand, isn’t it? What would we do without calculators! Then again, the results and theories maths gives us are quite interesting.

You may enjoy learning that you need around 2000 calories per day but you took in exactly that in a day.

There is a certain type of pleasure in being accurate. When you are golfing, this accuracy is even more essential. You already know how far you can go with your irons or drivers– the highest you can go.

But, then again, you do not always reach the same distance. And, you need to know that too- how much were you off by? Or, how much did you cross the distance by?

This is where a simple watch can help you. The Garmin Golf GPS Watch is not just a watch, it is also a machine that watches over a lot of other things- including the distance of your shots. What it does will actually amaze you.

But, is it still the watch you need in your life? You will only find out when you know more about it. So, let’s go to find out more about the best golf watch through the Garmin GPS watch review.

Our Top Pick Garmin Golf GPS Watches:

Garmin S20: Best Golf GPS Watch

Let’s check out the mid-range golf watch S 20’s features to see what it is capable of giving you.

The AutoShot and AutoRecords Features.

You need to know where you stand to see if you need to improve or not. The Garmin Approach S 20 firstly measures the distance of your shots. Secondly, it records the distance of your shot. This way, it lets you analyze your shot distances later on.

While you could do the same manually- it wouldn’t be so accurate, would it? And, as we both know, accuracy is crucial in golf and the Garmin S 20 Golf Watch is amazing at providing it.

An Activity Tracking Watch.

You do not always play golf just for fun. Well, yes, mostly it is for fun, but tracking how many calories you are burning, how many steps you took won’t hurt either, will it? Luckily, the Garmin Golf S 20 GPS watch tracks it too.

It tells you about the distance you have traversed, time is taken, calories burnt, and also steps taken. While you may not actually be interested in knowing it, knowing it is always fun.

For example, you will automatically start comparing today’s performance with the last days. If it was 500 steps, you will try and finish at least at 500 and not less than 500.

Furthermore, I must mention again that the watch is quite accurate in its measurements.

The Course View Feature.

When you are playing on a completely new course, the novelty itself can make you play worse. It is then that this Garmin watch feature comes forward to your rescue. Apparently, it has golf features that you can use by first inputting the course that you are playing in.

Moreover, with time, and updates the course view feature also updates the map of the golf courses. So, you see, you are never left in the dark, lost. In fact, this is mostly possible because of the GPS system this watch has instilled in it.

Garmin Connect Mobile Fitness App.

You know the records you have previously kept in this watch of your performance? What do you do with it? In fact, what you can do is connect to the Garmin app and meet with the other Garmin users there.

Then, you can analyze your performance based on the past and present and also compare it with them. The watch has Bluetooth connectivity. However, some customers complained that the app does not always connect.

The TrueSwing Connectivity.

If you want to improve your swing even more then you should know that this GPS golf watch is compatible with the Tru Swing Sensor. The Garmin one, of course. When you connect it, the watch will provide you with the necessary metrics without any trouble.

Smart Notifications.

Approach S 20 gives you notifications for incoming calls, texts, alarms, and more. In fact, it makes a beep sound for it all- which may customers did not like.

The Display and the control.

The watch is very easy to read. It displays everything in big digits so you will never have trouble reading it- not even in the sun. Another thing that concerned people was the lack of a touch screen.

You do not really need one with this watch. In fact, if it was a touch screen it would get manipulated too easily when you are playing golf. Instead, it has four buttons to handle everything.

You will need some time getting used to the four buttons but it is quite convenient you can check out here a review on a golf rangefinder

Garmin Approach S20: Pros and Cons

  • Tracks activity and very accurately too. It measures shot distance accurately and also records it. Connectivity to the app gives room for analysis and improvement. The display is big and clear. The buttons are simple to use with time. Quite a durable watch. The belt is comfortable to wear and made of silicone. It fits well. Updates the course view itself. Bluetooth connectivity. Beeps for notifications. Quite affordable
  • Not very suitable for people other than golfers. Some do not like that it does not have a touchscreen. Not very appealing to look at.


Let’s watch a video review on Garmin S 20

Best Golf  GPS Watches: Garmin Approach S60

Let’s check out one of the best golf GPS watch features to see what it is capable of giving you. Golf GPS watches aren’t just rangefinders anymore but are also complete golfing aids that are important to improve your game.

One such name in the golf GPS watch industry is Garmin S60 which is currently the best golf GPS watches available in the market.

The company Garmin’s goal is to become the best golf GPS watches brand on the market. You’ll blow away with the list of amazing features this watch has on and off the golf course. So, let’s talk more about the key features of Garmin S60.


 Starting with the display which is a really nice 240 x 240 pixels high-resolution color display.  The size of the display is 30.5 mm which is more than enough to display your golf GPS information. 

It also comes with a sunlight-readable face, so you’ll be able to read in sunlight without any difficulty.

Those who hate glare on the watch can find this feature pretty useful. Moreover, the display will tell you how far the ball has gone at the top of the screen when you hit a shot.  This will help you find errant balls off the tee.


Although the S60 doesn’t look flashy, it has a matte black finish and clean design that looks great. The weight of the watch is around 1.8 ounces, makes it very lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Moreover, it has a touch screen which is very easy to navigate. There are three buttons on the right side to let you move through menus.

Free subscription

The S60 comes with 40,000 golf courses from around the world. You don’t have to worry regarding course changes or dated information as it updates for you for free.

After you arrive at the golf course, the GPS watch will automatically pick up your golf pre-loaded courses within a few seconds. Also, the subscription fee won’t be charged as you do for some portable GPS devices because it’s free for updates.

Battery life

One demerit of the Garmin S60 is the poor battery life. When it comes to battery life this watch probably isn’t the best out there. However, 10 hours on GPS mode will be enough for you to complete 2.5 rounds of golf. Also, the battery is very to charge.


Another great feature is the customizable option of this watch. You can change the watch straps by simply downloading different apps and watch face styles. This feature helps you to transform the watch that suits your very own style.

Non-golf feature

Apart from using this watch just for only golf, you can use this as a smartwatch and fitness tracker. Those who want a Golf GPS watch only for golf game purpose these might not be important for them.

If you’re inactive for too long then it buzzes on your wrist to notify you to get up and move as it senses your movement.

Garmin Approach s20: Pros and Cons

  • Stylish watch Accurate distances Customizable Suitable as a fitness tracker Includes more than 40,000 courses Comfortable to wear
  • Expensive Battery life isn’t great


Best Golf GPS Watches: FAQ

Does the Garmin Approach come with a charger?

Yes, Garmin Approach comes with a charger.

Can you change the battery in a Garmin golf watch?

Yes, the battery replaceable to Garmin Watch. Rechargeable, lithium-ion batteries can utilize this device. when you needed a new battery, it will be replaced by using the Garmin RMA process. 

How is the battery life?

Without GPS: up to 8 wk and with GPS: up to 15 hr. The actual battery life depends on how much time you use GPS, the backlight, and power save mode. Exposure to very cold temperatures also reduces battery life.

Is Garmin Approach S60 worth the money?

It’s up to you if you want to use the watch as your ultimate sporting and tracking tool rather than using it as an ordinary watch, then it’s worth the buy.

Does the display have a touchscreen feature?

Yes, it has a touchscreen which is very easy to navigate.

What is the difference between Garmin S60 and S60 premium?

The S60 premium has a scratch-resistant ceramic bezel. On the other hand, the standard one has a less durable polymer bezel.

Does the S60 measure heart rate?

Unfortunately, there’s no heart rate monitor

In conclusion

You have seen those watches in Tom Cruise movies that do a lot and these are two of them. While it does not help you be a spy, it does help you become a better golfer by keeping track of all kinds of numbers. Furthermore, Approach S20 does not even cost a lot.

The only thing you won’t like as a golfer is the looks of this GPS  watch. But, its performance makes up for that.

So, why not get it? From our review, you’ve already known that Approach S60 is the best golf GPS watch out there in the market, but with so many mouthwatering features the price of Garmin S60 isn’t cheap.

The price tag of this watch is around $335 which is quite good considering the quality. However, when you consider the technology and performance it offers then the price seems to be pretty reasonable. So, if you’re a serious golfer and want to improve your golf game then this watch must you have.

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Let’s watch a video review on Garmin Approach S60

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