Best Driver for Beginners! Update 2024

Best Driver for Beginners

Golf clubs are not exactly cheap. Golf is one of the most expensive games out there. You have a high fee to pay to the club, for the assistance you get, for the beautiful course you play on, etc. With all those bills on your head, you may be reconsidering the thought that you need to buy a driver.

You cannot deny that golf does give back the money you spend on it. If we are talking about the more regular blessings of golf, I must mention the peace, skills, and time it provides for you. Again, when you get better at golf, the rewards it gives are both spiritual and material.

When you play a golf game that involves equipment to play it with, you have to make sure the thing you play with is right for you. Using a club meant to maximize your potential will maximize your potential. That is why, even though you are a beginner, a driver suited to your needs is not a luxury but a necessity.

Among all the other clubs, the golf driver is quite different and difficult to master. So, let’s see the buying guide and find out the best drivers for beginners that will tell you what you need to look out for.

Our Top Picks for Beginners Golf Drivers 

What are the Best Drivers for a Beginner in 2024?


TaylorMade M4 Driver 

The best distance driver 


The hammerhead feature is aimed at reducing the weight yet adding to the Driver’s strength. It cuts out extra chunks of metal by giving the golf club head less thickness yet more power and space.

Furthermore, the acoustic feature helps you enjoy a more soothing click and sound when you hit the ball perfectly with the golf drivers. What makes this stand out even more is the Twist Face feature. If you notice, the club head’s angle is quite different.

It is slightly twisted as a result of which, which helps the golf ball to go straight. Therefore, even when you make big mistakes, this one minimizes them. 

You can also adjust the loft because of the adjustable loft of this Driver. You get quite a few options to choose from when buying as well. Just in case you want to be more precise- there is an easily adjustable loft system.

The shaft is made of graphite. Other than all that, some people take time adjusting to this Driver. According to a few, it is the best Driver at sending balls straight and far, but it is not very accurate for professionals.

Last of all, it provides excellent value for money with its performance and durability. We are talking about a brand that has earned an excellent reputation over the decades.


  • The twist face feature reduces dispersion.
  • Good spin control.
  • Lightweight yet very strong.
  • The loft is adjustable even after you get to choose from several options.
  • Great sound
  • Best quality at an affordable price.
  • It needs some getting used to.
  • Not very precise for those who want to be precise.


Callaway Epic Flash Driver 

The best adjustable driver for beginners. Gain speed and maximum distance.

The moment you see the name Callaway you know that it is about golf. That is the brand reputation Callaway has built over the years. And, this Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Driver only improves it!

It is quite hard to ask for both forgiveness and distance from one Driver. But, feel free to ask both from this Epic Flash because it provides you with its fantastic design!

Firstly, it has the Flash Face design on the club face. This epic driver design has been created with the help of artificial intelligence technology. Therefore, it is both strategic and effective. This design provides you with a sweet spot that is a driver for beginners and what you require as a beginner.

Furthermore, it has a jailbreak feature in it. Jailbreak technology is mainly a feature that is used in the build. The connecting points of the crown and soul have hourglass-like bars instead of cylindrical ones. As a result, this driver loses weight without losing strength or durability.

Other than that, the low spin and high MOI head design help you go farther yet straight. The speed with which you will hit your ball will be incredible.

Fortunately, you get to choose from several shafts to fit your style. Also, you get three loft options. This driver also features adjustable perimeter weighting, which comes in handy.

The driver’s club face seems to get scratched too easily for something so expensive. Then again, you will find scratches on the club face sooner or later.

  • The brand’s reputation.
  • Very forgiving. It helps you gain speed and distance with low spin and high MOI.
  • The jailbreak feature makes it very strong yet lightweight.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • AI is used to design precisely.
  • Adjustable perimeter weighing.
  • It gets scratched easily.
  • Quite expensive.

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TaylorMade RBZ Black Driver 

Most forgiving golf driver. Big club head

Do you just want a simple driver that helps you score better? Then, this TaylorMade Men’s RBZ driver, one of the most forgiving drivers, maybe what you are looking for. It has a traditional build and design that looks great with nothing fishy about it.

However, there are clever little changes that make it great for beginner golfers. Firstly, it is very forgiving. Now, the question is, how? By the size of the club head—yes, as simple as that, but there is more. The titanium club head is 460 cc, so the sweet spot is quite large.

You will easily be able to hit straight. Furthermore, the lightweight nature of titanium will not tire you out anytime soon. You will be using your full strength throughout the tournament.

It has a build and a speed pocket that promote low spin and high trajectory. As a result, not only do you enjoy forgiveness when using it, but you also gain distance. And a straight golf ball with great distance? You will have a good start to your golf game with the right golf drivers!

Furthermore, it lets you adjust the loft as well. You get to choose a graphite shaft that may or may not suit you; this is one of the cons. Some people find that it just does not suit them. Other than that, the driver has a black satin finish that makes it look royal!

The best thing is that it is quite budget-friendly despite being of such high quality.


  • Very forgiving because of the big driver’s head.
  • It makes the ball go quite a distance.
  • Lower spin and high trajectory.
  • The adjustable loft is very easy to do.
  • Durable and lightweight because
  • Titanium is used. Very budget-friendly.
  • It may just not suit a few players.
  • Especially the shaft.

Callaway Rogue Sub Zero Driver

Top-rated Driver 2020. Higher MOI makes maximum forgiveness

This is one of the best golf drivers for beginners. What do you think of when you hear the word fly? Birds? Airplanes? Well, balls fly too, and it is best if the balls (Titleist AVX, Vice Tour and many others) are set to fly using an amazing driver. Callaway worked with Boeing to design this Men’s Rogue Sub Zero Driver.

Therefore, its airflow and its performance in the air are legendary. Now, let’s talk about how it is a great choice for beginner golfers because of forgiveness, of course.

It is made of a carbon fiber crown. This makes the clubhead not only strong but lightweight as well. As a result, the swings are easier on your arms, and the strength of the hit is strong too.

Furthermore, this one also has a jailbreak feature in it, which makes it incredibly efficient. Low weight, low spin, and a high trajectory—the combination beginners look for—is precisely what this driver provides you with.

On top of it all, you get several shaft options and weights to choose from. Since we are talking about weights so much, let’s not forget the adjustability this driver provides when it comes to weight. There is a slot below the clubhead that lets you adjust the weight very easily.

The increased MOI and the ball speed give you the best of both worlds. Other than that, the only problem that players face with this is that they often receive used golf drivers. It is quite expensive, so such an occurrence is not well understood.


  • The higher MOI makes it very forgiving.
  • The Jailbreak feature makes it strong and lightweight.
  • Using the carbon in the crown improves swing speed and is also lightweight.
  • Boeing being involved makes it cleverly designed.
  • It provides low spin and high trajectory, which is excellent for many beginners.
  • It creates a good launching situation.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Several people received used products.

Cleveland Launcher HB Driver 

Best Driver for Distance. Cup face features. Quite forgiving and distance improving.

One of the best golf drivers on our list is Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB. If you are looking for one of the best drivers to provide you with a low and deep center of gravity, then this Cleveland Launcher HB may be what you are looking for.

This is quite a forgiving golf driver for most people, and even the senior players find it quite suitable for them.

You will find handling this is quite comfortable. The reason is it’s lightweight. Furthermore, it features a bonded hosel that will help you adjust the weight or distribute the weight according to your needs. This comes quite handy when you are a beginner golfer and do not know which setting fits you.

Furthermore, the flex fin increases your ball speed even when you hit it wrong. This is forgiving and does allow you to increase distance, but not so much. The distance is not something this is particularly famous for. It just goes easy on you.

This golf driver has a cup face that lets you deal with the speed and spin of the ball. The stock shaft is made of graphite, so you do get to enjoy a bit of control.

People may not like this driver’s lack of speed over time. Furthermore, it may not come with the headcover as advertised. When it comes to price, this driver is quite a great choice.

If distance is not your top priority, aside from that, this driver with this very affordable price range can delight you.

  • Quite easy and comfortable to play with that even the senior players find it great.
  • The Cup Face feature deals with the spin and direction well.
  • Quite forgiving and improves distance.
  • A budget-friendly option. Great quality build.
  • The grip is very effective, too.
  • An adjustable weight makes things even better.
  • It does not help with distance very much. It
  • May not arrive with a headcover.


Wilson Staff D7 Driver

High-handicap driver. Lightweight build yet powerful for maximum distance.

Wilson Staff D7 Driver Men's Right Hand, Regular Flex 13.0 degree
Wilson Staff D7 Driver

It is one of the best drivers for high-handicappers that utilizes knowledge about materials to maximize their efficiency. You should already know that a driver’s weight and weight distribution matter a lot in the case of speed and proper swing. The Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7 uses weight to improve your performance; more appropriately, it uses the lack of weight.

The first feature that this driver talks about is being super lightweight. The club head weighs only 192 grams—can you believe it? The question is, if it weighs so little, is it that strong and durable?

Although it weighs less, it does not lack any quality materials. It is the choice of materials and the arrangement that make this driver so lightweight yet powerful. It has a layer of Kevlar between two carbon layers in its crown. And what is carbon famous for? It’s lightweight!

Other than that, the loft options of the driver play a great role in determining where the weight lies. You get to choose from three loft options. The 9.0-degree loft has forward weight, the 10.5-degree weight is the midsole, and the 13-degree one weighs the back and heel.

It has a graphite shaft, so you will enjoy some flex. Apart from that, it helps to add yards to the distance you reach. Finding the right grip size for yourself is the only trouble you may face.

For a quality driver, the price is quite reasonable, so it can be one of the best golf drivers for beginners.


  • Very lightweight build.
  • The choice of materials makes it quite durable and strong.
  • It increases the distance of the ball as well as the speed.
  • Clever design. The loft is quite strategically designed.
  • The weight distribution often helps different players.
  • Good price for such quality.
  • The grip size may be inaccurate or hard to find.

Cobra F-Max Superlite Offset Driver 

Best beginner golf driver. Very lightweight. Increases swing speed and ball distance.

Do you want to increase your swing speed? Then, this Cobra Golf Men’s F-Max Superlite offset driver may be the right choice for your practices. Why? Because the lighter the driver, the faster you can swing it. It can be one of the best drivers for beginners.

This is quite light. It also tells you where exactly the weight has been reduced. The club head, the shaft, and the grip have decreasing weights. So, you see, one part of the river will not feel heavier than another part; it is quite balanced.

Concerned about the durability because of the reduced weight? It has titanium in its build! Of course, it is both lightweight and durable! When you use it, you will feel more comfortable taking your swings. The reason? Because it will create less fatigue.

Furthermore, it has its weight more toward the back and heel. This setting allows the driver to aid in straighter shots. The problem with light weights is that you can go faster and longer, but if you hit it wrong, you go faster and longer in the wrong direction. And the weight of that is quite heavy.

But its Forged E9 face technology expands the sweet spot in size. As a result, even if you go fast and wrong simultaneously, it won’t be that heavy on your scorecard. Furthermore, it has an aligned crown design, which gives it a neat look.

Regarding price, this driver is quite budget-friendly for a beginner golfer.


  • A very lightweight unit.
  • The weight has been reduced in many places, not just one.
  • Increases swing speed and ball’s distance.
  • The E9 face technology improves direction as well.
  • Quite affordable.
  • The headcover may be a bit tight for it.

Cobra King F9 Speedback Driver 

Best golf driver for the average golfer. Aerodynamic design improves swing speeds.

When you want something that will improve the time spent in the air, you have to pay exclusive attention to the details. The designers of this F9 Speedback Driver did. They paid extra attention to this particular driver’s aerodynamics.

The weight, the patterns, and the distributions are all well taken care of by this one. Firstly, let’s talk about the weight and the material used in it. The crown polymer trips and the titanium sole trips are placed in such a way that the clubhead faces minimum resistance in the air. Therefore, it will increase ball speeds. Furthermore, the shape of the clubhead is such that it optimizes performance.

It also features PWR ridges that improve the speed with which you hit the balls. However, a few customers still mentioned that this golf driver did not increase the distance much. What it surely did was get the ball to fly straighter. Now, how does it do that?

This is like a brother; both have the E9 Face technologies, which provide the golfer with a large, circular sweet spot. Therefore, it is hard for the golfer not to go straight.

Apart from that, it has an adjustable loft, which lets you adjust the loft to 8 different settings. Sometimes, the absence of the wrench that aids in improvement disappoints people. Besides that, this one has a low and deep CG, which reduces the spin on the ball.

Furthermore, you can adjust the CG by adjusting the weight. This is quite expensive, but for all that clever design and quality, you cannot complain, can you?


  • Much attention paid to details.
  • Aerodynamic design improves swing speed.
  • Weight and material distribution are increasing distance.
  • The adjustable features. Gets the ball to fly straighter.
  • Quite expensive. Forget the wrench at times.
  • It may not improve the distance much.

Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver:

Best lightweight Driver. Low CG is great for a few golfers.

Yes, this is pretty much the same as number five on our list, but it is particularly the 10.5 loft. Now, if you love that sound that the contact of the ball with the driver makes, you should get this Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Draw Type because it provides the best sound!

It is not as lightweight as a few of the other golf drivers we reviewed. The 10.5-degree loft will probably slow you down a bit in terms of swing speed. Furthermore, the HiBore crown makes the CG low and deep. Therefore, you will get a lot of power when you hit a ball right with this one.

Luckily, it is not very hard to hit the ball right. The cup-face technique creates the perfect and balanced spin on the ball, making it go straight. Furthermore, it also directs all the energy towards the ball itself.

You can also adjust this unit’s weight with the bonded hosel’s help. As a result, you get some flexibility when playing with this one. Therefore, if you want a low and deep CG, this may be the one with its weight more towards the back and heel.

As for the price, it is pretty affordable for a beginner golfer.


  • Excellent sound on contact.
  • The Cup face directs the ball perfectly and balances the spin from both directions.
  • The low CG is great for a few players.
  • Good price for beginners.
  • May not add distance and be consistent as much as expected.

PGX Offset Golf Driver Review:

The best cheap golf driver 

Remember how we kept mentioning that a large sweet spot would be a great choice for a beginner? And, also remember how we asked you not to choose a 460cc because they are not the best drivers. Well, among the 460cc drivers, this PGX offset driver is one of the best beginner drivers.

PGX Offset Driver provides a large sweet spot that keeps most of your balls in the middle of the fairway! And does not do much to increase distance, but it does add loads to precision.

It is an offset golf driver with anti-slice technology. As a result, it is hard for you to hit a slice. Even when you somehow catch a slice, forgiveness has your back by keeping it straight. The spin on the ball is balanced quite well.

Another reason why this is a great driver as a beginner choice is its price. As a cheap golf driver, you will often feel that the clubhead is not of high quality. it is not. So, for the beginner phase, you can do with this driver.


  • Quite forgiving and keeps the ball going straight.
  • Anti-slice technology saves you a lot of trouble.
  • The spin on the ball is balanced due to the head shape.
  • Very affordable.
  • It does not help with distance.
  • Not of the best quality.


The Buying Guide: Best Golf Drivers for Beginners

It may look like a clubhead on a stick, but a driver has far more complex mechanisms in its build. The buying guide will take you through a simple walk amid this complexity, and you will know what you should look for as a beginner, intermediate, advanced, or skilled player.

1. The size of the clubhead.

The most important thing you have to check as a beginner golfer is the clubhead size of the driver. Don’t you think that you miss your shots a bit too much? You try hard, but somehow the balls just do not go where you want them to.

But a bigger clubhead will help you get exactly there. As you can imagine, the bigger the club head, the larger the sweet spot—thus, you get more room to make mistakes. And as a beginner golfer, you need that. You can reduce your clubhead size to be even more precise as you get better at the game. Plus, a smaller clubhead will reduce the weight to some extent as well.

The largest size you can choose is 460cc, which is legal in tournaments. But not going for it will give you more room to improve. So, if it concerns you that much, settle for 450 or 440 cc.

2. The material of the shaft.

Another primary consideration when you are buying a driver as a beginner golfer is the material of the shaft. You will find graphite and steel building the shaft mostly. In fact, a graphite shaft will be better for a beginner as it is more flexible.

On the other hand, steel shafts are stiffer, and they give the players more precision and control. Thus, professionals and advanced-level players find it more useful.

3. The length of the shaft.

This is something you have to consider, whether you are a beginner or a professional. Apparently, it has more to do with your height than anything else. A longer shaft will be more suitable for taller golfers, while the shorter ones are for the shorter ones.

Between the extremities of long and short, you have to settle for a length that is suitable for you. Usually, drivers are 44–48 inches long, quite long by nature. They have to take the ball a long distance.

Best Driver for Beginners
Best Drivers for Beginners
4. The shape of the clubhead.

You will usually find round, pear, and square-shaped clubheads available. All of them do quite well but the round ones are more efficient in what they do. As beginner golfers, you need your energy and efforts to be valued fully- the roundheads do that.

On the other hand, the square heads may come out as a bit bulky and also get caught in the turf. While round-shaped clubheads improve your swing heads,. But, in the end, you should try both and see which one gives you a better feel.

With time, you may find that a different clubhead shape suits you better than the one you initially selected.

5. The loft of the driver.

This will tell you how long the ball will fly and at what angle. It is pretty much like the angle of the clubhead from the ground. If you have a slower swing speed, which you should have as a beginner, then a higher loft is what you need. Apparently, higher lofts create a backspin that keeps the ball in the air longer.

If you have a faster swing speed, you can do it with a lower loft (in the case of the more advanced players). Apparently, you usually have to choose from lofts between 8 and 12. As a beginner, a loft of 10-12 will work just fine for you.

6. The MOI.

MOI stands for Moment of Inertia, and it is quite important for a beginner. It means how forgiving the golf club will be for your mistakes. And we all know that as a beginner, you make many mistakes.

So, the higher MOI of the Driver, the better the Driver for beginners. However, even though it will help the advanced players score better- it does not really improve their skill levels. Some difficulty is necessary to improve the game.

7. The material of the clubhead.

This choice is quite an important one and a complex one as well. Why complex? Because you get to choose from such variety! The most popular material in driver clubheads right now is Titanium. The reason? Because it is strong yet lightweight.

Other than that, you will find steel, zinc, and aluminum being used as well. But, there is an even better option! The combination of all these metals. Not all but a few. A good combination is Titanium, tungsten, and carbon. While the first two give you strength and flex, the last one provides you with a lighter weight.

Choose the material wisely and also consider durability. Not a single part of the whole Driver should rust.

8. The Center of Gravity and Launch Conditions.

Apparently, the Center of gravity is the point where the weight of the Driver is balanced. You can choose from front, backward, vertical, and horizontal choices. While some drivers come with a fixed Center of gravity, others may let you adjust it.

If the Center of gravity is towards the back, then the ball flies high easily. And, the opposite happens when it is more towards the front.

golf swing
9. The Adjustability.

As a beginner, you are not only learning golf but also about yourself. You do not know about the features or settings that suit you best yet. That is why adjustability in drivers is often a necessity for beginners. Now, what can you adjust?

You can firstly adjust the weight of the Driver. Well, the overall weight remains the same. The higher the weight, the higher will be the fatigue. And, the lower the weight, you will be comfortable playing, but you may feel the clubhead less.

What is adjustable in this case is where you place the weight. You can adjust the Center of gravity through this. It will help you find the right setting for your kind of swing and swing speed.

Then, again, you can also adjust the loft. You may have to deal with a screw when adjusting the loft, but it is not that tough. A few drivers allow you to adjust the loft by 4-5 degrees. Generous, isn’t it?

Other than that, you can adjust the face angle as well. An open face will reduce distance and increase flight, and a closed one will do the exact opposite. While you can do this manually when taking a swing- it has an abnormal effect on your swing speed.

Therefore, it is quite helpful when golf manufacturers let you adjust the face angle too. Now, which adjustable feature you require is up to you. You should also know that the more the number of loose parts, the higher may be the durability issues.

10. The cost of the Driver.

You do not want to spend much as a beginner- the budget is an issue. But don’t all golf clubs come at a high cost? Not really. If a driver is durable and perfect for you- it does not matter which cost it comes. You have to look hard for the right golf club.

Professionals, on the other hand, focus more on the quality and features of the Driver. You should just be sure that the driver suits you, lets you grow, and also is meant to last.

The Benefits: Best Budget Driver for Beginners Hit the Ball

Why should you buy a driver, particularly for a beginner? Why should you buy a driver at all? Because of the benefits it provides

A very long distance: The Driver is the club that makes the ball fly to the most significant range among many other clubs. You often need that distance when you are just hitting off the tee. Thus, it is essential for beginners who aspire to be great golfers to keep a driver in their golf bag. To add some more motivation, Tiger Woods sometimes chipped with a driver!

Very forgiving: This is what a driver for a beginner will be like. As beginner golfers, you will make mistakes, and you need your Driver to be considerate of those mistakes. And beginner drivers usually have a large sweet spot which aids you in preventing those off-the-fairway shots.

The Weight: While lightweight usually increases speed, it won’t improve accuracy. Therefore, the advanced golfer often uses heavier golf drivers to gain more control. As a beginner, you must practice more, be less tired, and hit more straight. Thus, a lightweight beginner driver takes you a long way.


FAQ: Best Beginners Golf Driver

1. What is the flex of a driver?Beginner Golfer

Answer: Apparently, the flex measures how much the Driver’s shaft bends when you hit a ball or take a swing. It ranges from extra stiff, stiff, firm, regular, senior, amateur, and ladies. (From low flex to high). The more the shaft flexes, the less control you have over the ball.

2. What does the shaft torque mean?

Answer: The shaft torque means how much the shaft will twist when you take a swing. The more the torque (, The more the Twist), the easier it will feel to take a swing with that shaft.

In conclusion

Designing the right Driver is not an easy task, and you have to have excellent knowledge of Physics when you are at it. Not every brand has that, and the ones we reviewed have fabulous and intelligent designs that make your performance way better than you expect with minimum changes.

Keep the basics in mind and check them when buying a golf driver for yourself. As a beginner golfer, you must also pay attention to the budget. So, the best beginner drivers are affordable and have features that make golf more fun.

Let’s watch a video slide show.

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