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Golfers tend to spend quite a hefty amount on golf balls. Wouldn’t it be awesome to find something with a budget-friendly price tag? The Vice Tour Golf Balls come at a super affordable price tag in a pack of 12. Vice has a wide range of golf balls, and the tour golf ball is one of their finest.

Its outstanding stability and phenomenal durability will ensure a fun-filled golf game. It can be chosen as an alternate for Titleist, Callaway, or Taylormade. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the Vice Tour Golf Balls Review.

Feature of Vice Tour Golf Ball Review:

Package of  Vice Tour Golf Balls

Vice Balls come one dozen (white) in a very premium packaging that will give you a sophisticated feel on the first look. The package height of the products is 1.75 inches, length 7.5 inches, and width is 5.5 Inches.


The Tour Vice ball has a three-piece construction. It has a DuPont Surlyn cover of advanced ethylene copolymers. and the body adds up to the durability of the balls. The DuPont material has a hard plastic look; however, it’s quite an extra soft feel to touch. It’s pretty durable, and the pack of 12 will last you for many games.

Dimple Design-

The ball is designed with 392 aerodynamic dimples that ensure the golfer can achieve the highest amount of precision from their shot. Vice has significantly increased the number of dimples on the Tour.

The science behind the increased dimples is to provide better aerodynamics to keep the ball in a better trajectory.

Vice Tour Golf Balls Review

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Performance of Vice Golf Balls on Tour:

Vice ball is suitable for players with all skill levels. However, we recommend it is more suitable for mid-level to advanced players. You can deliver both short and long-distance shots accurately with this ball.

The aerodynamic dimples help to resist crosswinds that will let the ball have a constant momentum and height throughout the shot.

If you prefer a high spin on your shots, then these golf balls may not be the best choice for you. The Vice ball also underperforms in terms of ball speed. There are other golf balls with higher speeds, but considering the cost, it offers a decent speed limit.

Also, it lacks a bit of spin as well. You may work a bit to make the most of the long shots. However, you will face no problem with the long shots.

One of the best features of the Vice golf ball is that it has a highly visible and extra-long keep-in-line mark. This will help the golfer to keep the ball in alignment easily.

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User Opinion

The Vice Tour Ball is one of the lower range products of the premium balls makers, such as Titleist NXT’s and Srixon Trispeed’s, for example. The ball played similarly, too.

It is quite hard and not particularly forgiving. A good beginner ball but feel a bit wooden with most clubs.

Vice users can feel off the clubface, especially when putting. The ball offers immense control around the green and a softer feel.

It is a great fit for players in between the two types – the Vice Pro Soft and the Vice Drive. The pre-printed line on the ball help for putting and driving alignment

Vice Tour Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)

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Vice Tour Golf Balls Review: Pros and Cons:

Vice Tour Golf Balls: Pros & Cons

  • Incredible price to performance ratio
  • Suitable for players with all skill levels
  • Highly visible line mark for better alignment
  • 392 dimple for enhanced aerodynamics
  • Optimized for constant & stable ball flight
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Comes in one color only
  • Lacks in speed

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FAQ: Review Vice Tour Golf Balls

Q. Is it suitable for golfers with slow swing speed?

Ans: Yes, this golf ball offers an excellent level of control, making it a great choice with slow swing speed.

Q. How many golf balls are included in the pack?

Ans: Each pack comes in a box of 12. Also, their affordable price tag makes them an excellent choice for golfers.

Q. Is it possible to personalize these golf balls?

Ans: No, Vice does not offer an option for personalization.

Q. How many colors are they available in?

Ans: Vice Balls is only available in one color: white. However, Vice may decide to make other colors in the future.

Q. What is the material used for these golf balls?

Ans: These vice balls have a three-piece design that offers excellent durability and control. Also, Vice has incorporated a unique outer layer of DuPont Surlyn that enhances the balls’ quality and resilience.

Final Words: 

Despite the affordable price, the Vice tour golf balls offer incredible performance, and except for the Vice drive Golf ball, all other balls are priced at almost the same level. In all respects, Vice Tour Soft is much better comparatively others.

It has a solid structure with superior control that will help you enhance your game. Many tend even to compare vice golf balls to the Titleist golf balls. However, some aspects we feel are not up to par and require improvement. Professional golfers like Brendan McCarroll vouch for the performance of this golf ball.

We hope this Vice Tour golf balls review will be helpful for you. If you are looking for a budget-friendly golf ball with high durability and performance, then you should try the Vice Tour Balls.

Let’s watch a video review.

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