Swing Speed Radar Review!2022 (Get Accurate Data)

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Almost every golfer wants to increase their swing speed and hit them farther. When it comes to measuring club head speed, and tempo time, Sports Sensors speed radar is the most affordable, portable launch instrument available in the market.

The best thing about this radar is that you don’t need a golf ball to get accurate speed readings with tempo. You can use various types of balls such as birdie balls, sponge balls, or something similar like that to simulate a real ball. Also, this radar can be used in your backyard using a hitting mat if there are no grasses. So, let’s have a quick look at the key features of the Sports Sensors swing speed radar.

Swing Speed Radar Review

It is a small electronic device that you can use to measure your swing speed by placing it near the ball. There are two good reasons to get this unit. To start with, it’s a great way to measure the golf swing speed and tempo. Second, it’s a great way to find out which ball best suits your game in terms of how much ball speed you can generate with your driver.


This Speed Radar is one of the cheapest Doppler swing speed radars that is available on the market. You can easily acquire it just by spending a small amount of money. It comes in two varieties; blue and red. The red one is the swing speed radar tempo timer, and you’ll be able to record both your swing speed and tempo. But with the blue one, you can only record your swing speed.



This unit is about the size of a small clock radio. To record your swing speed, you need to put it 6 inches (ca. 15 cm) away from your golf ball and make your swing. This unit also comes with a metal stand. Therefore, you can perfectly position every time you need to measure your swing speed.

This unit will display the swing analysis of each of your swings, and then it automatically clears the stat it displayed, so you can swing again. You can choose to display your speed in miles or kilometers per hour.


This unit only operates on 3 AA-size batteries. So, you’ll need to use these batteries if you want to use this unit perfectly. You’ll be relieved to know that using this swing speed radar is safe, not harmful. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about getting injured while using it.

The most important key feature of this unit is that it comes with a tempo timer of its own. With the help of this feature, you’ll be able to measure how much time it costs you from the time you take the golf club away until the time you get to the ball.

Pros & Cons:

  • Small microwave Doppler radar sensor Both players and coaches can use this Battery life up to 2 years Easy to set up speed shows in both mph and kph
  • Positioning is a bit critical to get accurate data Inconsistent speed results

Swing Speed Radar: F A Q 

Q. What is the average amateur golf swing speed?

The average golf swing speed for beginners is around 144/kph for an average distance of above 200 miters. The swing speed, according to the TrackMan Combine data that is collected from over 10,000 male golfers from the whole world-

2% of male golfers can achieve up to 120/kph or less, 15% up to 121-135/kph, another 15% can achieve 136 to 145/kph, 45% of amateur golfers can achieve 146 to 160/kph, and the rest of the golfers able to achieve up to 185 kilometers per hour.

Q. What’s the difference between a launch monitor & a wearable device? 

Between Launch Monitors and Wearable devices, there are many differences because gadgets can be worn on garments or even added to clubs. That’s why phone apps or a smartwatch can provide golfers to read more comprehensive data for each shot.

The golfers can connect sensors to their golf clubs for detailed information and get reading of club speed, clubface, and other information to watch and observe on their cell phone or tablet.

To evaluate a golfer’s swing, a launch monitor measures various information. From a total distance, launch angle to swing speed monitor, all reliable data are amazingly read on a gadget such as a smartphone. 

Launch monitors made for the practice area can help professional golfers for the right clubs while evaluating their swings.

Q. When measuring the swing speed, do you need to hit the ball?

Without hitting the ball, you can’t achieve it perfectly. If you want consistent and accurate results, you need to hit the ball.

Q. Does this radar measure the speed of the arm?

Yes, we believe if it’s elevated at the right angle, then it’ll work perfectly.

Q. Should I use stiff or regular flex irons to increase my swing speed?

If you’re slower, you should go for regular shafted clubs, as the extra flex will give you a little more power and accuracy.

Final Words:

The Sports Sensors swing speed radar is very easy to use and responds quickly. If you improve your swing speed, then Swing Speed Radar is the perfect instrument. The device tells you which area you can improve more by comparing previous and current shot results.

The device is tiny and lightweight. It comes with a handy carry pouch made of nylon, which you can clip with your bag and belt easily. To improve your golf game, getting the device as soon as possible is highly recommended.

At first, you may find this device difficult to use, but after using it a few times, you’ll get used to it. We believe our review of the swing speed radar will give you all the necessary information to take your game to the next level.

Let’s watch a video review.


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