S7K Putter Reviews: A Worthy Buying Guide

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Putting is one of the most essential parts of a golf course. While the rest of the golf course offers you a lot of forgiveness and space, putting does not. You must be accurate when putting, and there is no room for mistakes. One slight twist of the hand, and you have earned another stroke.

You have to consider everything when putting. In fact, you have considered the line, the slope, the distance, and the strength of the swing. You even have to consider how long a swing you are taking. Now, you get the point; putting is very difficult.

While I cannot say that the right putter will make things easier and better, I can say one thing: it surely will support you better. The rest depends on your practice and willpower. Well, accuracy as well. The S7K putter is one of the most famous putters out there.

It is expensive, but for a good reason. In fact, it does ease up the putting experience a bit, and it is even suitable for those greens with a lot of slopes.

So, is this putter for you? Let’s find out through the standalone putter review.

s7K Putter Reviews
S7K Putter

 S7K Putter Reviews: The Features

Why exactly do people like and dislike this putter? The features will tell us all about it.

The Triple Line Guide Path.

What did we say was important while putting it there? Accuracy, line of play, swing, what not? But most of the direction is on the track. With ordinary putters, you have to place the putter, then hold it in place with one hand, get behind it, and see if the line goes where you want it to go.

With this Sk7 Putter, nothing like that is necessary. You can place the putter behind the ball and see three lines from the top.

The two outer edges will be parallel to the outer lines of the hole, and the middle one will point directly at the center of the hole. Isn’t that crisp and clear? You will be more accurate as you won’t worry about lines so much.

A putter that can stand everywhere.

Now, most putters claim to stand, but they can stand on plain ground, and this one stands perfectly on slopes as well. Therefore, putting it anywhere will never be a hassle for you. You can just fix the line, keep the putter as it is, leave it, and get behind it to check if the line is right.

Even more, you do not have to adjust the angle when you come back. The S7K standing putter is made in such a way that it stays at an angle that is ideal for you to hit the ball. However, very few customers mentioned that it does not do so well at standing on slopes.

This standalone Putter can almost set itself up and can help golfers level out their missing angles and start the golf ball down an accurate line.

The strike dot.

Everything is usually perfect when you are ready to put it. You know your line, your distance, your swing, everything. But something just always goes wrong, doesn’t it?

What goes wrong is your swing. Under the intense pressure, you crack, and your swing goes astray. The trick is to keep your eye downward and not lift your head when you hit the ball. It ruins the rhythm, and the swing does not go straight.

To help you with this, the Sk7 Putter has a striking dot on it. You do better when you focus on the golf ball right with the slopes of the strike dot. While it will not completely fix your problem, it will get better.

The Build.

This stand-up putter has quite a durable build with perfect alignment. It has a head shape made of stainless steel and a shaft that is made of graphite. According to many, the head weight is a bit heavy. But it does help you gain more control, so that is more of a pro than a con. However, the unit tends to rust easily when wet.

And that is not something you expect from such an expensive group.

Then comes the grip. It is made from EVA foam. While EVA foam is light and comfortable, it may not be the best at providing you with a firm grip.

The Specifications.

This standalone putter has a length of 34.5 inches, which is quite good for a putter. The loft is 3 degrees. And it has a high MOI as well.

S7K Stand-Alone Putter: Pros and Cons

  • Improves the game by providing better guidance when it comes to the line and direction of the putt.
  • The three lines on it are beneficial.
  • It stands and stays stable very well on slopes as well.
  • No need for adjustments.
  • It has a bit massive head, which is suitable for putting.
  • The measurement used in the building is quite right.
  • The strike dot helps to improve the swing.
  • A bit expensive. It tends to get rusted fast.
  • The handle is not that great.


S7K Putter Review: Frequently Asked Questions:


Can I change the S7K putter grip?

Yes, you can, but when you do, you may experience a falling putter rather than a standing one.

What type of grip should I use?

Usually, each golf putter comes with its uniqueness and characteristics, with a little change in the iconic Ping PP58 grip: a thin, flat-topped grip that is at the top of the shaft. Currently, grip comes in a lot of different types, as there are putter shaft styles like slim, mid-slim, a little thick, medium-thick, square, and many more.

Is the S7K Putter legal for tournaments?

Answer: Yes, this stand-up putter is legal for tournaments according to the rules of golf. It has been approved by the USGA Club, so you can rest assured.

Does it come with a cover?

Answer: Yes, it comes with a cover.


Final Words:

This standalone putter design is very attractive. It is an incredible one, not only in the build but also in the design. How many putters out there help you become better at putting? While many intend to not many are successful.

But this one, with its attention to detail, is quite successful in improving your putts. Furthermore, the weight and build provide an excellent, balanced feel to your hands when using this putter. While it does come at a price and has a few cons, it is entirely worth it. As for the rust issue, you can deal with that by not keeping the putter wet at any cost.

So, most of what I have to say about this putter is good, and you can seriously consider it if it’s the correct length for you.

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