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Halo 450 Rangefinder Feature

The Halo Laser Range Finder is just one out of the much economical optics that are ready to get you dead on. The parent company of Halo Optics is Plano Synergy. Their goal is to create an industry that will allow hunters and lovers to get their hands on this gear.

You’ll be highly satisfied with this finder once you start using it. However, you’ve to keep in mind that this device isn’t designed for the golfing course. So, without wasting any more let’s have an in-depth look at the key Features of Halo XL 450.

Halo 450 Rangefinder Reviews: Key Features

.Halo 450 Rangefinder Reviews

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The design of this range finder is highly firm and has a bulkier shape. Its ergonomic structure of it will allow you to have a legitimate grasp on it consistently. It’s a lightweight rangefinder at 5 ounces. Therefore, you’ll be able to carry it easily on your golfing or hunting trip.


It comes with a range of up to 450-yard range maximum to reflective target, which is lesser than most of the rangefinders available in the market. However, it can slope and elevation compensation, making it an excellent addition for golfing and hunting. The range will decrease if the surface isn’t reflective enough, reducing around 300 yards.


This Halo 450-yard range finder will provide you with a magnification of 6x along with an adjustable eyepiece. This magnification is ideal for any rangefinder, but you might have some trouble staring through the reticulum. For constant range, it has scan mode also.


This laser rangefinder comes with an LCD which is decent for the price you pay to buy this rangefinder. However, there is a problem with the display; it can’t lighten up the range measurement, which can be a big problem for you if you need to use it under low light.Halo XL450 Laser Rangefinder

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This laser rangefinder uses a CR2 battery to operate. These batteries do not contain much charge, and since this rangefinder doesn’t come with a case, you’ll need to shop again for something to keep it in.


This Halo XL450 Rangefinder is resistant to water. So, you can use it in places with a high moisture level without worrying about getting it damaged. You can not only use it in rainy conditions but also in foggy environments. In a word, it is resistant to fog as well as water.

Auto Shut Off Feature

The most important feature of this Laser XL450 is the auto shut-off feature. This feature automatically allows the rangefinder to shut off after 20 minutes of inactivity. Auto shut-off is a great feature for the rangefinder to save batteries, especially when it uses CR 2 battery.

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Halo xl450: Pros and Cons

  • Easy setup
  • Easy to use
  • Water and fog-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Fixed 6x magnification
  • Only 450 yard range
  • Not sleek enough

Halo 450 Laser Rangefinder Review: FAQs


Q) What is the magnification of Halo xl450 Laser Range Finder?

Ans. The Halo rangefinder has 6x magnifications, but they have conflicting information on this feature on their website.

Q) What is Auto Acquisition?

Ans. Auto Acquisition is a technology that helps the device acquire an accurate reading in the fastest time possible.

Q) How long is the Automatic Shut-Off?

Ans. After 20 seconds of inactivity, the rangefinder will automatically shut down.

Q) What kind of battery does it take?

Ans. The Halo rangefinder uses Duracell Ultra Lithium CR2.

Q) How long do CR2 batteries last?

Ans. Each battery is date coded with the expiration month and year stamped. This battery has a lifespan of a minimum of 4 years.

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Final Words

Bow hunters have highly praised the Halo xl450 Laser Rangefinder because of its many great features. It’s a cheap and basic unit that will get the job done. If you want more yardages, you can try the new model with more ranging distance.

Although this rangefinder isn’t designed for the golfing course, it’s the perfect rangefinder for bow hunting. It may not be a fancy gadget, but the price that it comes in is less than most other rangefinders. So, feel confident in every shot you take this season with this tool that will make your hunting experience memorable.

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