Best Golf Rangefinder Under 200 (Updated 2022)

Best Golf Rangefinder Under 200

We all know that golf is a long-range game, and golfers bank on the accuracy and wind direction and focus on gaining the advantage once on the field. So how do you ensure you get from one point to another efficiently and not only play the game the right way but also win it all?

A tool frequently utilized is the handy golf rangefinder. But as with every device, you need to find one that’s reliable, accurate, and of course, if you’re on a budget, something that would bring good value to your investment. We reviewed here the 10 (ten) best golf rangefinders whose prices are under 200 USD, based on our superior research in terms of quality.

Our Top Pick Rangefinder is less than $200

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The 10 Best Golf Rangefinder Under 200 USD Reviewed!

1. TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

With Pinsensor Laser Binoculars and Battery

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder - Laser Range Finder with Pinsensor - Laser Binoculars - with Battery

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The first product we’re featuring on our best golf rangefinders under 200 reviews is no other than the sleek TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder. It is a laser golf rangefinder and binoculars with a pin sensor and comes battery-powered.

This golf laser rangefinder measures up to 540 yards with continuous scan mode, an advanced pin sensor or pin seeker technology, and a durable plus rainproof body.

The innovative pin seeker tech we’re referring to boasts ultra-fast measurement with only about a 1-yard +/- accuracy. If you add its ability to measure overlapping subjects precisely, it should be perfect for measuring hazards, golf flags, and even wooded areas.

You may ask, what about the lens on this affordable yet premium quality rangefinder? Well, it’s armed with multi-layered optics that are ultra-clear and easy to read right through the lens display.

The said display comes with distance as well as a low battery indicator. It also features a continuous mode for fast and exceptionally convenient measurements.

Weight, Measurement, and Setup

The TecTecTec VPRO500 is lightweight, durable, and relatively portable, which is essential so you can take it with you anywhere on the field throughout the game without any added significant weight on your body and focus on winning it.

It measures 4.09 inches x 2.83 inches x 1.61 inches and weighs 6.52 oz. Its body is also rain resistant, durable, and, as we mentioned, perfect to carry for golfing, hunting, or maybe surveying a specific area. It is also rugged enough to take on all sorts of elements.

Oh, did we mention that this rangefinder is equipped with a 6x monocular lens that’s not only high-quality but also has multi-coating to produce bright and crystal clear images? Yes, it does!

This rangefinder is easy to set up and comes with a premium carrying pouch, wrist strap, CR2 battery, microfiber cloth, a good warranty deal, and its quick start guide. Lastly, it looks pretty good in its black finish, which will give you additional confidence in your swings! It is the complete package and should be a worthy investment and just only under $200!

2. Precision Pro NX2 Rangefinder 

Legal rangefinder for USGA tournament. Can measure distances within one yard

Precision Pro NX2 Golf Rangefinder

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The Precision Pro NX2 Golf Rangefinder is a tool for professional golfers. This golf tournament rangefinder is USGA approved device, and its distance capacity is 400 yards with a one-yard accuracy. It also measures the yardage at 1/10th of measurements. The Precision Pro NX2 Rangefinder is a non-slope rangefinder designed to deliver accurate distances within about a yard.

It is best to accurately know the distances between sand traps, trees, water hazards, or holes and determine the club you will utilize. Measuring these crucial distances will improve your game significantly. It has user-friendly features and gives you the ability to measure accurately instantly, and it can be set to measure in meters or yards.

The Precision Accuracy also features what the brand calls target acquisition technology. This feature makes sure to scan objects within your field of view as you focus on your target with improved accuracy with 6x magnification. This laser rangefinder is also equipped with crystal clear optics, water-resistant, and easy to utilize even for those with shaky hands.

Golfers need to focus more on their game than tweaking the rangefinder, so this model is made with simplicity in mind. This one is built for golfers of all levels, old, new, veteran, or newbie.

You’ll have a reliable carrying case, good quality lanyard, a cloth to clean it, a good warranty, and a Lifetime Battery Replacement deal as part of a precision care package from the industry-leading brand. That’s pro service from a pro-grade rangefinder.



3. Golf Buddy Laser1S Rangefinder

Slope on/off, fast lock with vibration. Can reading distances from 5 to 880 yards

Golf Buddy Laser1S with Slope Rangefinder/Pin Finder with Vibration, Black/White/Red

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Let’s get to know the Golf Buddy Rangefinder next. One of the best rangefinders under 200 is designed to help you improve your game, and its bread and butter feature is its slope compensation.

It reads distances from about 5 to 880 yards, which is quite impressive and accurate within a yard. This unit is ergonomically designed and is armed with three different target modes., and that would be the pin finder mode with vibration, scan, and the standard mode.

Of course, it comes with an on and off-slope feature that conveniently provides distances that are slope adjusted for a variety of elevations within the course for added accuracy, which is considered a legal handicap in any tournament.

It’s got 6x magnification and a wide LCD for good visibility. It is IPX4 water-resistant and has an automatic shut-off feature right after 10 seconds when you leave it unattended. But let’s talk more about the slope adjustment system on this unit which is by far what the brand is most proud of.

When you say slope-adjusted distances, you are referring to a feature that would then account for any inclines and declines by showing you what the normal yardage and the true slope-adjusted yardage would be. This feature can easily be turned off whenever you need to do so.

The pin finder with vibration helps you lock on to your target easily. The vibration is a notification that you’ve found a said target, which is perfect for sometimes unfavorable weather conditions in the field. This rangefinder truly is a marvel; anyone should give it a swing!


4. Raythor Pro GEN S2 Rangefinder

Tournament Legal Rangefinder for Professional Golfers

Raythor Pro GEN S2 Golf Rangefinder, Laser Range Finder with Pinsensor and Physical Slope Switch, Continuous Scan, Rechargeable Battery, Tournament Legal Rangefinder for Professional Golfers

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Let’s examine the technical Raythor Pro GEN S2 Rangefinder up next. This laser rangefinder is equipped with the most recent technology to make sure you know the distances within the golf course to calculate your swings fully

The first of these latest designs are the adoptable physical slope switch. This feature can provide golfers with a few more options to measure distances. You pair that up with their very own TAG or target acquisition tech and ARC or angle range compensation, then up to your game big time.

TAG and ARC are two of the must-have legal golf rangefinder features you truly need. The next feature we want to point out from the Raythor Pro GEN Rangefinder is its own version of the pin sensor with pulse vibration.

This enables you to have the nearest TAG and then ensures that you’ll get the most accurate yardage to either a flag or your desired location but certainly not what’s behind the said location.

The vibration after you’ve hit your target is a good way to gain some confidence in your swings. And you should already be familiar with the slope on and off technology that gave you aid in adjusting distances based on a hole’s incline and declined to help you select the right club to use for the next shot.

Pair that up with the physical slop switch then you have the utmost freedom when to use the slope function should there be tournament restrictions. It comes with convenient electronics to support your game with very few interruptions. So, if you think that you can get a bit techy with your golf gear then the Raythor S2 Rangefinder might just be right for you.


5. Bozily BL-X3 Review

High-definition camera. 6X magnification. 7-degree field angle, distance range 5-1200 yds

Bozily Golf Rangefinder BL-X3 4 Scan Mode, 6X Rechargeable Laser Range Finder 1200 Yards with Slope Adjustment, Flag-Lock, Slope ON/Off, Continuous Scan Support - Tournament Legal Golf Rangefinder

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Next on our best rangefinders list is the versatile Bozily Golf Rangefinder. This black and blue-designed rangefinder is armed with a high-definition camera that’s got 6X magnification, a 7-degree field angle, a distance range of 5 to 1200 yards with a max 250+ yards to the flag.

Not only that, this unit is a class 1, laser type 905nm, with two scan modes, its own on and off golf slope, continuous scan, an LCD digital display for an accurate reading, with an accuracy of +- 1 yard that’s eligible for any golf tournament. 

We know that’s a lot of jargon so let’s kind of break it down to some details. The scan modes refer to Mode 1 – Continuous scan that’s of course tournament legal and Mode 2 – slope distance, angle, flag-lock, and jolt tech which is quite suitable for training.

This laser rangefinder will adapt to advance distancing and slope tech angles and is super accurate and fast. This is not just for golf but also for demanding activities like hunting, bird watching, racing, shooting, climbing, or any engineering measurement needs.

It has a portable size at 107 x 74 x 42 millimeters and has an ergonomic design, and should be water-resistant. You’ll have the option to change the unit of measurement from meters to yard with a long press of the mode button. This rangefinder is accurate out to 1200 yards which is quite impressive. It comes with all the necessary attachments and accessories and is a surefire way to up your golf game.


6. RAGU Golf Rangefinder

Flag lock, slope mode, single/continuous measurement

RAGU Golf Rangefinder, DZ600AG Laser Range Finder with 656 Yards Range, 6X Magnification, Flag Lock, Slope Measurement, and Battery

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Get to know the sleekly designed RAGU Golf/Hunting Rangefinder. It is a laser rangefinder with about 656 yards of range, 6X magnification, slope measurement, flag lock, and is battery-powered.

The RAGU DZ600AG  Rangefinder has a wide range and extreme precision. It boasts an extra-long distance measuring 656 yards or 600 meters with a +- one yard of accuracy. It also boasts advanced modes and features. Of course, we are talking about the slope mode, flag lock, continuous/single measurement, and even a distance correction for accurate and faster ranging of multiple targets simultaneously.

It’s easy to view and easy to read. This one is also the best golf rangefinder and comes with a premium multi-coated lens with 6x magnification and boasts high-quality and bright images. The rear and front LCD screens will let you see the measuring mode, distance, and angle but also the battery status for utmost convenience.

This rangefinder is also super portable as it would perfectly fit right in your pocket. Its compact size only measures 4.7 inches x 2.8 inches x 1.6 inches while only weighing 6.9 ounces. While compact and super portable, don’t underestimate its durability issue. It comes with a CR2-3V lithium-ion with 800mAH juice. And all the accessories that you’d need. If it’s the simplicity, compactness, and accuracy that you are looking for, then the RAGU Golf Rangefinder is for you.


7. MiLESEEY Golf Rangefinder

Angle Switch for the Slope on/off, Fast Flagpole Scanning, Distance/Angle/Speed Measurement for Golfing

MiLESEEY Golf Rangefinder, Laser Golf Rangefinder 656Yards with Slope On/Off (Angle Switch), Fast Flagpole Scanning, Continuous Scan, 6X Magnification, Distance/Angle/Speed Measurement for Golfing

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Another top laser rangefinder and a choice of many golfers’ amateurs and pros alike is the MiLESEEY Golf Rangefinder. This rangefinder measures up to 600 meters with an accuracy of about 0.5 yards. It’s got point-to-point(speed, angle, height, measurement), a slope on and off the system with an angle switch to provide an accurate angle distance for any uphill or downhill shot, which makes measuring golf flags perfectly.

Most of all, this system is very much eligible for any golf tournaments. It’s got a flagpole fast scanning technology. The MiLESEEY Rangefinder is programmed to quickly scan and then lock onto the nearest target with its flagpole scan and slope distance correction. This should give you accurate yardage to flagpoles and a continuous flagpole lock and scan function.

The body of this rangefinder is also designed for easy grip, so when the conditions are not favorable weather-wise, you can still hold onto it and adequately focus on what’s important. It is compact and quite easy to carry, and it can be operated by using only one hand. The material itself is pretty protective and would be durable enough to withstand the many elements outdoors.

It’s got a fixed focal length that’s 6x the ranging system, a 7-degree field of view, a diopter of +- 5 degrees, and Myopia or hyperopia within 500 degrees can then be directly observed with the naked eye. It’s got a high eyepoint design of 18.7mm, so people wear glasses or sunglasses. For fast, convenient, and accurate measurements, try the MiLESEEY Golf Rangefinder.


8. Anyork Golf & Hunting Rangefinder

Excellent Golf & Hunting Rangefinder. 2 Scan Range Modes. Fast Focus System

Anyork Golf & Hunting Rangefinder 1500yards, 6X Laser Range Finder with Slope On/Off,Flag-Lock Tech with Vibration, Continuous Scan Support-with Battery

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If it’s an astounding range that you’re looking for, then you might want to look at the Anyork Golf & Hunting Rangefinder. With a range of about 1500 yards, 6x magnification, flag lock technology, slop on/off, and continuous scan feature, this rangefinder is right up there as one of the best on our list.

This rangefinder is versatile and can be utilized for golf and something as demanding as hunting. It’s got TWO scan range modes. The first one will provide continuous range readings, and when your target or flagpole enters the lens range, it will give you a straight line distance measurement.

Mode two comes with ARC or angle range compensation as well as pin seeking with flagpole locking vibration to give you a slight bump when the target or the flagpole is locked in. The Anyork Golf Rangefinder, one of the best golf rangefinders under 200 USD. It is, of course, also pretty accurate. The measuring range of the golf rangefinders is 5 to 1500 yards. And it’s got an accuracy of +- 1 meter.

It can flag lock when playing golf and with a distance of 250 yards an, the flag and not the stick. If there are no obstacles, this rangefinder can measure 1500 yards of distance. With a magnification of 6x, it’s got a fast focus system. Even people with glasses won’t have any issues focusing on using this rangefinder. All you need to do is to turn the eyepiece to target focus. This rangefinder is waterproof with an LCD.

Armed with an auto-shutoff system after 3 seconds of no use, you will save some battery power efficiently. Sleek, accurate, and rangy!


9. Profey Golf Rangefinder

Advanced Slope Tech. 2 Scan Ranging Modes. Ergonomic and Portable Design

Profey Golf Rangefinder 6X Laser Range Finder 1500 Yards with Slope ON/Off Tech Angle Measurement Fast Flag-Lock Continuous Scan Linear & Vertical Distance Tournament Legal Slope Laser Rangefinder

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The penultimate entry on our best golf rangefinders under 200 list is the Profey Golf Rangefinder. This unit is armed with slope technology, a fast flag locking feature, 6x magnification, a range of 1500 yards, and a 7-degree field angle. This is a class 1, laser type 905nm, with general golf and slope golf mode. It’s got an accuracy of +- one yard, that’s allowed in most golf tournaments, and of course, it’s got a good clear LCD for your convenience.

The advanced slope tech with diopter tech is meant to give the golfer accuracy with the range of distances and a clear view. The slope tech is with a compensated distance base for a hole’s uphill or downhill measurement. The two scan-ranging modes consist of the general mode and the golf slope mode. The general mode measures a space’s actual distance, and the golf slope mode includes the angle with slope-adjusted distance right between the golfer and its target.

It is ergonomic and portable with dimensions of 110 x 75 x 42 millimeters. This rangefinder is waterproof and fog-proof and can switch the range measurements from yards to meters and vice versa. It is also lightweight and shaped to be gripped easily at 187 grams. It’s the complete package and is one of our list’s best budget golf rangefinders. This is a good product if you’re on a budget or just beginning to use rangefinders.


10. Gogogo Sport Golf Rangefinder

Pinsensor, Vibration & Slope Technology. 3 Mode & Easy to Use. USB Battery  Charging

Gogogo Sport Golf Rangefinder 900 Yards Slope Laser Range Finder with Pinsensor 6X Magnification, Pulse Tech - Compact & Accurate & Clear Reading Yardage Rangefinder

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The last entry on our best golf rangefinders under 200 review is the Gogogo Sport Rangefinder. This laser rangefinder is meant for slope golf and has a range of 900 yards with pin sensor tech, 6x magnification, and a pulse tech function.

The pin sensor tech is meant to detect and measure any overlapping subjects accurately. The device will vibrate right after a flag distance is locked in. The slope feature will measure the angle of an incline or decline and automatically calculate the slope distance, suited for measuring hazards, golf flags, and even wooded areas. It’s got an M button for switching from meters to yards and vice versa.

It’s got three modes for you to utilize: distance measure and normal scan, golf mode, and speed mode. The normal scan mode is excellent for distance measurements, and the golf mode will then show you the angle and the slope-adjusted distance. It comes in a unique white and black design and looks pretty neat. It is meant for golfers from any level, pro, and amateur alike.


Buying Guide: Best Golf Rangefinders Under 200 

 Here are the aspects you should watch out for if you’re looking to buy good quality golf rangefinders under 200 USD.

Distance, Range, and Accuracy

When we are talking about rangefinders, the first thing you would expect from them is that they could cover a significant distance. They should have the range to help you on the field and, of course, accuracy so your swings would improve.

You’d need at least a rangefinder that can cover at least 600 yards of distance with 6x magnification and precise accuracy that can improve your game. It also needs to have angle compensation, a feature that will make your rangefinder more versatile.

Like the ones we’ve listed above, they can utilize powerful golf rangefinders for other applications like hunting and bird-watching. So as much as possible go for these models for they are the ones that have superb range.

 Different Modes

A good rangefinder can have at least two modes that you can easily switch when you need to. Slope mode is a critical mode that your rangefinder should have. You should also make sure to have the pin seeker mode as much as possible.

It ensures that you still measure distances accurately even if some overlapping objects are within the range.

Also, it is valuable that your rangefinder can target lock onto more than one object simultaneously. The vibration function is also quite proper, so your device can inform you should your measurements are ready.

Resistance to the Elements

Golf is an outdoor game most of the time, and of course, your rangefinder, since you’re going to bring it with you in the field, should be water-resistant and maybe even fog resistant. So it would still be functioning under any condition for utmost reliability.


Your rangefinder should be easy enough to hold your rangefinder, and it should be compact in terms of size and even fit in your pocket. Most rangefinders are designed to be gripped nicely and won’t fall off your hand while you operate them.

Other considerations

 It would be best if you also considered that the rangefinder might have the right accessories, has good battery power, and is technology adaptive.

Final Thoughts: Golf Rangefinders Under USD 200 

Found the right rangefinder for your game? We sure hope so! We’ve listed only the best. If you’re having a hard time choosing between these golf rangefinders under 200, then it would seem like we did a great job putting up this article.

They are affordable and equipped with the latest, most advanced technology you’d need for a good quality rangefinder.

Most of their features are also tournament legal and sure to give you the edge regarding your swings.

So if you think you’re lacking while playing golf, then take a second look at these rangefinders if it’s accuracy, convenience, and reliability. Surely you’ll upgrade the quality of your game, one way or another. Have fun!

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