How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last?

How long do golf cart batteries last feature

A golf cart is quite expensive and a significant issue for the golf course as it is very convenient to carry golf clubs and other accessories around the golf course. That’s why its battery quality and efficiency are also important. And regarding the golf cart batteries, there’s a common question about their longevity.

Well, there’s no specific answer to this question as the lasting period varies depending on the brand, quality, and the time you take to maintain the battery.

A 4-stroke combustion engine powers the golf carts. The battery featured in a golf cart is quite similar to the one in a car battery as they are both lead-acid batteries.

There are different types of golf carts. A quality golf cart battery will last you for around eight to ten years. However, a subpar quality battery may last you for only about three to four years. The battery’s lifespan also depends heavily on its essential maintenance.

Also, the private golf cart battery tends to last longer than the fleet carts, and this is because people generally tend to take better care of their personal properties more carefully than a public one. However, proper maintenance has been proven to be very effective in enhancing the lifecycle of the golf cart battery.

However, if the battery stops working, you should replace it as soon as possible. Keeping the cart equipped with a faulty battery will harm the engine and the other cart components.

Avoid steep terrains and hilly areas as that will put additional strain on the engine and the battery. Ensure you maintain the weight capacity recommended by the manufacturer and charge the battery correctly.

What Factors Affect the Golf Cart Battery Life?


This one is a no-brainer. The better the quality of the battery, the longer it will last. Always opt for a brand that has a good market reputation. The golf carts are expensive, so it is better to invest in a model with a high-performance battery to get the best output from it.


Many have this misconception that charging the batteries for a prolonged time will make the battery last longer. Well, charging the battery beyond its limit will eventually deteriorate its quality and jeopardize its performance.


If one person constantly uses the golf cart near the course or in a golf course area and drives up down the golf course, this also creates extra pressure on the battery pack. Owners who use their cart in this manner tend to see shorter battery life spans.

Water Properly

Golf cart batteries need to be watered at least once a month to avail optimum level of performance from them. Check the water range at least once every month and add distilled water if needed. Do not use tap water on the battery, as that will harm the battery.

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How Can I Prolong My Golf Cart Battery life?

Always confirm to refill any low battery levels with water. It may contain chemicals that will easily damage the battery. Confirm that the fluid levels never go beneath the plates.

Confirm to connect a 3-phase charger and be extra careful when connecting the results in the poles. The negative lead should hook up with the negative pole and, therefore, the positive with the positive pole.

Charge the battery always fully. The bulk of chargers features an indicator light to provide you with a warning when it is fully charged. Charging time varies between an hour and therefore the whole night, counting on the extent of discharge.

As much as possible, don’t let the battery discharge quite 70%. Typically, the longer it takes to charge, it’ll overheat, reducing its life. An excessive amount of heat isn’t good for the lifetime of the battery.

Running the cart all day until the battery dries isn’t always the right thing to do. During operation, it’ll overheat, and therefore it’ll also take a longer charging time.

In that case, batteries are replaced more frequently than in colder areas. Counting on the temperature of the world you’re in; you’ll know whether the battery will last or not.

How do I support golf cart batteries?

Disconnect the battery charger with the power cable before servicing to avoid electric shock. Switching off the battery charger does not overcome this risk. Never touch the uninsulated part of the ac or dc join or uninsulated battery terminal.

Charge only batteries of the same type, voltage, cell number, and amp-hour capacities as shown on the design of the battery. Other sorts of batteries may burst and cause so much harm and damage.

Before charging any other rechargeable battery, change the charger settings as advised by the battery manufacturer. Connectors that are broken, corroded, or do not provide any adequate electrical contact must not be used.

Using a damaged battery may risk one’s life. Using a damaged or broken connector may result in a risk of electric shock. Explosive gases are produced through Lead-acid batteries.

To save yourself arcing and burning near batteries, you need to be careful during disconnecting the charging cable from batteries when the charger is operating, and even you must not disconnect a dc charging cable when the battery is on charge.

Keep sparks, flame, and smoking materials away from batteries, as these products are highly flammable. Always shield your eyes when working near batteries as a concern of precaution. The battery terminal should be free of any metal or wrenched things.

It causes arcing or an explosion of the battery. Hydrogen gas is flammable, and batteries produce hydrogen gas, which can cause a great explosion if ignited. You must not smoke, use an open flame, or create sparks near the battery.

Only a qualified service technician should program or service this equipment with his protection and protective equipment. If you are not trained, you should not run the charger if it has felt a sharp blow, been dropped, or somehow damaged.

Have a professional service technician test and repair as necessary. Do not dismantle the charger without any understanding. The inaccurate re-assembled charger may sometime result in an explosion, electric shock, or fire.

What is Storage Mode on Golf Cart Battery Charger?

The Lester Electrical golf car’s battery produces a storage mode feature. (Except 48 V Club Car Chargers — the only automatic charger shut off automatically after full charge).

Plugin your charger into your cart, and it will fully charge the batteries. After fully charged, the charger goes into its “storage mode” feature if it is still connected to the golf cart and the plug. Your battery will charge at the storage mode in one more situation if the battery voltage drops under a certain level and 10-12 days have passed away. If the battery can face these two situations, the charger will do a further charge to produce a 100% full charge. So, unlike a trickle charger that charges non-stop, the Lester charger charges if the batteries need a charge, and it is never charged non-stop like a trickle charger.

All Lester automatic battery chargers, how these work (except 48V Club Car Charger). You can go away plugged into the charger for a long time, like a month. Your battery will not go down. Because the battery will get charged if needed. So it is recommended that if your charger has a feature storage mode, you follow the above guide.

Wrapping Up

Golf carts are a fundamental part of a golf game. The battery is one of the essential components of the golf cart. A standard battery will last you for over ten years if you follow all of the tips for proper care,

Maintenance is one of the keys to the best outcome for the battery. Make sure you buy a branded battery that will last a long time and let you enjoy the golf games to the fullest.

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