How to Throw Disc Golf

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How to Throw Disc Golf?

If you are wondering how to throw disc golf, then you have come to the right place. There are five different kinds of disc golf-playing styles: backhand, overhand, sidearm, hyzer, and anhyzer. Each of the styles requires different techniques, however, few components such as grip, windup, stance, and release remain the same for all of them.

Different Type of Disc Golf Throwing Styles:


The backhand is one of the most common styles of releasing the disc golf style and it is the easiest to master. Backhand throws are quite similar to throwing a frisbee and it will help you reach quite some distance with proper practice.


The overhand throwing style is not much popular, and it is quite like throwing a baseball, only with a higher slope. This throwing style is more used when you have some obstacles in front of you and you need to pass the disc over them.


Sidearm throws are also known as forehand throws. For this, you need to hold the disc to the side and pull it on the outside of the body before you make the throw.

These shots require less power compared to the backhand shots and you can achieve a higher distance with lesser power output. Due to the less power requirement, beginners tend to opt more for the sidearm style compared to others.


The hyzer throwing style requires the disc to be a little tilted downwards. For the hyzer throw, the player needs to tilt the upper body forward and bend the waist slightly. The upper body tilt of the player is key to achieve the hyzer angle.


Technically speaking, there is nothing to describe the disc’s flight between Hyzer and Anhyzer. But people favor doing so because maximum people know what a “typical hyzer shot” will do.

A genuinely overstable disc might be delivered with significant Anhyzer if you didn’t see the angle deliverance, the flight might seem to fly straight-line initially and simpy fade L or R as required, looking all the planet like a standard hyzer delivered with a stable disc.

Let’s watch a video, how to throw disc golf-

Common Mistakes at Beginning:

You are a newbie and just begun Disc Golf. You’ve learned instruction from online videos and a more advanced buddy has shown you the basic method as well. Besides, you may have participated in a pro clinic. That’s why you know what you are supposed to be doing, however still, for a few causes, the disc won’t run past that 200′, 250′, or 300′ mark. Why?

You are doing everything as shown but that disc simply won’t go further, no matter how many times you try.

Some reasons could be holding you back. let’s find out that!

Throw Far

If you rush to throw far, you must end up tensing your muscles. Tense muscles never move fast, You need to understand that you are trying to dispatch the disc fast, not very hard. Instead of tensing your muscles keep them relaxed right up until the mid pull through, up until the point the disc is on your chest.

It’s time to explore the rest of the throw and ultimately the release. Follow this, once you will notice not only your distance increasing but your aim also getting better.


This is probably one of the hardest tasks to learn how to get a grip.

Take a disc with your grip and make sure your wrist is not tense and request your friend to tug at it lightly. The disc should not come out of your hand unless your friend pulls on it. Over loose, a grip gets an early release and cannot impart a force on the disc as well.

Too tight a grip and you get late releases and lose force imparted on the disc. If the grip is right, the release is on point and most of the force is imparted onto the disc.

Disc Golf Grip


Almost the beginners think that they require a run-up to improvise themselves. But this is very true that if you have advanced technique once, faster run-ups can provide a little more power, but even then they reduce their skill drastically. Which is why you don’t see them frequently.

When you are a newcomer, it is much more profitable to either shoot standstill and makes sure you keep your technique pure, or to take a slow, walking x-step if you feel like you need to measure it. Never do the run-up, always do the walkthrough

Overstable Disc

This is the most common mistake done by the newbie. It happens when a beginner tries out a faster, overstable disk rather than a slower and less stable one. A person can gradually learn the methods overtime when you don’t need to overpower your disc down the range. Actually, when you keep on throwing a disc it will not only gradually ruin your techniques but also you will lose your enthusiasm soon.

A rule of thumb is that you must start with putters first, then move on to midranges and finally touch drivers at last. Not many have actually followed this rule, but every single advanced player wishes that if he had followed this method before.

A good way of trying out discs is by asking advanced players for pointers. Many disc golfers are very friendly in case of suggesting discs to beginners, and normally they may let you try theirs if you’re actually interested. It’s actually much better to try out a disc from someone who knows better about them and then buying the one that works.

What is the Right Grip on the Disc?

It is hard to dictate the right gripping style on the disc. It is quite like holding a pen. However, one gripping position may not work well for everyone and you may need to try out different grip orientations to find your best match.

No matter what your gripping style is, having a proper alignment with the disc and your arm is important to make the throw properly. The disc should be thrown as just like an imaginary extension of your arm and you should run it along that line for an accurate throw.

Have the Best Stance?

As we mentioned earlier, having the right stance is one of the keys to achieving a perfect disc golf throw. Whether you throw from a certain point or run to create a momentum, keeping a balanced posture is important to make a quality release.

How to Get More Distance on Throws?

There are plenty of ways to successfully achieve more distance on throws. Well, there is another way better than practice to enhance your skills. You may not achieve the desired distance on the very first throw but you will get better with time if you practice thoroughly.

Also, there is a common misconception that a greater momentum will let you achieve greater distance. Wrong! Having more momentum will not necessarily enable you to have greater speed. This is more dependent on your skills and overall throwing technique.

Let’s watch a video, how to improve your putting- 


We hope that these throw techniques & guides will help you up to your disc golf game. Make sure that you practice properly to achieve a perfect throw every time.

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